Inventa tu Propio Reto

Inventa tu Propio Reto


¡Plantea tu propio desafío y crea una solución de tu elección! Recordatorio: Las soluciones en esta categoría son maravillosas, pero no son elegibles para la evaluación global o los premios de la NASA.


Do you have an idea that doesn’t fit any of the other challenges? This is the place for you, whether you want to design and develop an app, create data visualization, hack on an Arduino… or anything else you can think of using NASA data!

Take a look at the resources we have provided, and maybe you’ll find something that inspires you.

Develop your own challenge, and then create your own solution.

These garbage patches have devastating effects on marine life and pose significant threats to ocean ecosystems and humanity in extension. Your challenge is to formulate some key technologies, procedures, and approaches to be used in a mission to help clean up oceanic garbage. You can focus your mission on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or any of the other patches or debris in the world’s oceans. Use NASA Earth science data to 1) assist you in determining a location where your mission could have the most positive effects on the planet, and 2) help you figure out which type of debris to attempt to collect, and how to collect it.

Potential Considerations

  • You can work in a team on something that you’re all passionate about
  • All of NASA’s data are free, open, and publicly available for you to use
  • By choosing to Bring Your Own Challenge, you will not be eligible for a Global Award
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